[Noe 2020]
Good Works: Studies in Honour of Professor Clairy Palyvou.

Announcing the publication of the volume Good Works, Studies in Honour of Clairy Palyvou, edited by Iris Tzachili and Maria Arakadaki, by Ta Pragmata Publications. The papers largely lie in Professor Palyvou's own areas of interest, covering technical and theoretical architectural issues, mainly of the Bronze Age but also in the modern period.
  [July 2019]
Therasia II. Historicizing Prehistory: The historical and epistemological context of the archaeological discovery on Therasia in 1866.

A series of studies on the historical and epistemological context of the archaeological discovery on Therasia in 1866, the first in the Aegean, at the time of the volcanic eruption. The unprecedented phenomena, both archaeological and geological, inspired geologists and archaeologists to collaborate on the development of new, mainly evolutionary theories on the pre-hellenic past.
  [December 2018]
Arachne 5

The new volume of Arachne comprises papers presented at two conferences. The first is the workshop Weaving the Past: The archaeology of textiles and textile production in Greece in the first millennium BC, held at the British School at Athens on 18 March 2016. The second is the workshop ARTEX: Study and Promotion of Archaeological Textiles in Greece, held on 1 October 2016.
  [September 2016]
Vrysinas II - The Pottery of the 1972-1973 excavation

This volume is the second in the series of published archaeological material from the Vrysinas Peak Sanctuary, covering the pottery from the 1972-73 excavation. Apart from the basic presentation of the pottery via illustrations, photographs and descriptions, and of its chronological and typological context, the main themes developed are the analysis of human activity at the site as evidenced by the pottery (e.g. large-scale communal meals), the offerings of material and immaterial goods (the ritual), and the visitors' origins.

Tzachili Iris
Daskalakis Nikos

Vakirtzi Sophia
Vaitsaras Giannis
Ioakeimidou Lito
Douskos Dimitra
Patera Maria

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Aegean Metallurgy in the Bronze Age

Edited by Iris Tzachili

The jigsaw puzzle of the metallurgy and metalworking of the Aegean is slowly being completed. It is being filled in by new finds, new methods, and analyses that point to new possibilities. The pieces of the puzzle are still difficult to assemble: our knowledge is frequently fragmented, both geographically and chronologically. Nevertheless it is now possible to arrive at a minimum series of technical events in a chronological and geographical sequence, not just a sequence of abstract technological development, following a continuous and linear concept. The effort is rather directed to plotting the evidence in chronological, technical and geographical correspondence, albeit with a number of gaps, regressions and delays.


Reviewed by Nicholas G. Blackwell, Bryn Mawr College
In Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.02.09

"The well-illustrated volume is an important, up-to-date contribution to the study of prehistoric metallurgy in the Aegean and wider Mediterranean basin. The goal of the volume is to consider recent discoveries and new approaches for the study of metallurgy over the wide spatial and temporal areas of Aegean prehistory. The articles publish new excavation data, discuss recent analytical results, demonstrate the usefulness of quantitative databases and apply new scientific approaches to the study of metals..."