[September 2016]
Vrysinas II - The Pottery of the 1972-1973 excavation
This volume is the second in the series of published archaeological material from the Vrysinas Peak Sanctuary, covering the pottery from the 1972-73 excavation. Apart from the basic presentation of the pottery via illustrations, photographs and descriptions, and of its chronological and typological context, the main themes developed are the analysis of human activity at the site as evidenced by the pottery (e.g. large-scale communal meals), the offerings of material and immaterial goods (the ritual), and the visitors' origins.
  [December 2015]
Milena from Prague
The book is the Greek translation of Margarete Buber-Neumann's Milena from Prague (1963) by Toula Sieti. It is an outstanding example of concentration camp literature and the first biography of Milena Jesenska, known to us from Franz Kafka's Letters to Milena.
  [December 2015]
Thirassia I, a diachronic journey
The volume, edited by Clairy Palyvou and Iris Tzachili, is the first contribution to the history of the island of Thirassia, from the distant past (Bronze Age) to recent times (architecture, social anthropology).
  Iris Tzachili - Bayindir 1922: A Tale of Loss from Asia Minor. Kondyli Press, 2012
  Adrienne Dimakopoulou - Chlôrêis aêdôn, pâle rossignol: Une étude sémantique. Editions Apolis. (PDF in French)

Adrienne Dimakopoulou: Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes

  Iris Tzachili: University of Crete

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Vrysinas I - Minoan Artistic Landscapes. The vases with applied plastic figures from the Vrysinas Peak Sanctuary and the quest for depth.

by Iris Tzachili

The starting-point of this study is a series of vases from the Vrysinas Peak Sanctuary with applied plastic decoration representing landscapes, currently presented as unique to this site. There is also reference to the clay figurines with depictions of rocks, trees and animals from the same site. The finds, the methods of artistic representation and other similar Minoan finds are analysed, before moving on to other categories of Minoan artwork with representations of landscapes. There is extensive discussion of the concept of perspective, the quest for depth and the form this quest assumes in Minoan contexts.

In Greek with English summary.